Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy days

I am in the midst of so much right now and preparing for vacation weekend at HeroesCon.  That is my excuse.  Really I just have a lack of new stuff and life issues.  Rambling excuse that just hopefully is OK with those that are following my simple little Blog.

Bad news came Monday as well.  A former Youth of mine had a bad fall off a skateboard.  He is in ICU and it is not good.  There is hope, but still, it is a bad situation.  He has two cousins that were also part of that youth group so I have a heavy heart right now.  I hurt for all I could not do as I left them and that ministry.  I hurt because I can't do anything to make it alright now.  i spent about an hour yesterday with the grandmother before going to the hospital yesterday.

He is in the same ICU my mother was in.  I was able to endure the bad memories that will be ten years past a week from Saturday.  It just has been a sad time.  people wonder why I wish there were superheroes in this world, this is the times I would love to have the power to heal.  I have to hope and pray that God has given that power to the doctors and nurses taking care of this young man.