Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mantra decision

Issue #9 was the last scanned cover I had done and frankly I had reread my issues I have and they are scattered across the house, so I did not get a Mantra Monday post up.  Since then I have thought about the next issues.  I do not have Issue #10, there is a crossover connected to the in-between of Issues # 11 & 12.  HeroesCon is in a few weeks and I might find the missing issues there and be able to better do my Mantra Mondays postings.  So for now I will delay those until after HeroesCon.  

Some of you are probably glad.  I get few comments and I understand that aspect as I seem to do less commenting sometimes.  So I figure no complaints is better than an outcry of WHY?!?  I have always wanted to have a website that gives views and the covers of every comicbook.  I know every comicbook is impossible, but I had to start somewhere.  When reviewing this desire was a reason I thought reviews of books a few weeks old was still OK.  there was a constant struggle over this issue.  Just imagine how awesome it would be for a person to search and find comments about a run of certain books.  It is a missing outlook online.  Everything is spaced and scattered in many ways.  So since I have restarted my Blogging I will continue to do these collections.  I have runs of some Marvel books and will be working through them as well as continuing Mantra.

Babbled enough I guess.  I hope you all are well and having some great reads out there in comicbook world.  War of the Green Lanterns is outstanding.  Batgirl is still one of the best reads in my opinion.  Some of the visitors here have a great interest in Power Girl as it is the all time post view winner right now.  Go figure?