Friday, May 27, 2011

Red Riding Hood

I bought this book on a whim at SAM's Club.  It is a novelization of the Movie that came out some months ago.  I thought it would be a cool read.  Usually these books are better than the movies anyway right?  The book apparently came from a desire to expand what the characters were like and the ability to tell more than the movie could.  That bit at the start was wonderful.

So I begin and realize as well that this is aimed to a younger crowd.  I read it wondering how that might translate.  I think it straddles a line.  There is some suggested sexual bits and a bit of graphic imagery.  Still, Older Teens watch worse on cable and satellite TV.  There is a Blog post one day.  The hypocrisy of parents that spout offense at certain books and movies, yet take their kids and drop them off at the theatre to watch the movie.

It is a very captivating read.  The young woman that wrote the book draws you in and does an excellent job.  I was really loving the story and my mind was working to solve the mysteries of the tale.  I was right on the cusp of being satisfied when disappointment set in.  Apparently this is just a set up for the movie.  I assume I must watch the movie to finish this story.

That stinks.  It is not what I expected.  So I warn you that there is no closure if you get this novel.  If you have seen the movie, then I would say you do not need the book.  It would not be something that I can see adding anything to your knowledge.  Now the ending does not direct you to the movie, but it is implied to those that are smart enough to read between the lines.