Wednesday, May 11, 2011

War of the Green Lanterns: Parts 4, 5, & 6


I had wondered if Geoff Johns could sustain another creative story event.  I mean, the guy has just built epic upon epic.  he does it again with War of the Green Lanterns.  This has been a wonderful read.  I figure that my having multiple books before me helps greatly.  If I were to read a title then have to wait it would be so excruciating because this story is just that good.  I mean we have the entire Corps taken over and the Guardians possessed.  It is brilliant.

I must say that Ganthet has been wonderful in this story.  Each time the little guy appears we are reminded just how powerful he is.  I wonder if he has forsaken his Guardian power?  If not it is a great balance to see just how powerful the odds are against the heroes this go around.  The Four Earthmen have been forced to take the rings of the other Corps to just fight against Krona's mind-controlled horde.  Add that one of the coolest things to happen is the arrival of Mogo.  That was so cool.

I can feel the consequences growing for them having made the decision to wear the other colors.  There will be ramifications for Guy as a Red Lantern, John as an Indigo Lantern, Kyle wearing a Blue Ring, and Hal taking up the mantle of Sinestro with a Yellow Ring.  Watching those emotions slowly force there way into each was funny and scary.  You can see the problems they are and will have with accepting these emotions into themselves.

This is a great read and I am just loving every minute of it.  The intrigue and scope of the story just builds each issue.  You want to know how this war will resolves itself.  Will Ganthet survive?  Can they stop Krona?  Will the Green Lantern Corp be trusted after what has occurred? It all is there waiting the be revealed.