Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life Update

I have been trying to find some sense of organization, but alas, it is fleeting.  I have ended the push to raise money for HeroesCon.  The weekends at the flea market, the weekdays in the heat, and a few Mondays all selling plants and other stuff to help fund vacation ended on a good note.  I should cover cost and enjoy myself.  I just have to pace myself and watch the meals.  Health-wise I got a good report on my A1C1 three month test.  It dropped from 11 to 6.8.  That is better blood sugar levels.  Amazing what not having to ration insulin will do.  New medicine seems to help as well.

My memory seems to be going with all the medicine.  That is hurting my trying to keep things straight with work.  I get forgetful.  Again, need to figure out a way to compensate.  Work has been busy.  Preparation for Summer Camp and an upcoming youth outing are fast and furious.  I have been working in my head a plan for our first Vacation Bible School on our own.  Been assisting a family in need and trying to be responsible and keeping contact with people.  One great thing is that one of my Youth was chosen to go as a team of six kids to El Salvador as part of the 30 Hour Famine Study Tour.  She will get to see where the money raised is spent and even help out children of that area.  I never thought one of my kids would ever be a part of this as I have lead this event at various churches, but she has a calling and I see God's hand in this trip as part of that.

Just know I am planning on trying to place posts to be added in a timely fashion with the set up for calendar scheduled posts.  Not happened yet, but soon.  I need to scan a few covers that I could not find great images already online.  I am going to the comic shop today.  I dread the hold box cost.  It will be big.  Might have to leave some behind.  definitely need to drop a couple more.

Just working to survive right now.  Loneliness is a enemy, by work has pushed back on that for the moment.