Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday at HreoesCon

Well, today was a cool day at the crowded Heroes Convention.  I picked Aime-Comi Supergirl as the post pick because she is gorgeous as the Maiden of Might, but also because she had such a great and happy personality that was just cool to be around.  I hope she found the figure she was looking for.  The CosPlay fun as been increasing and it was in full force today.

I picked up a bunch of trades and some cool prints.  Learned about writing comics and found time to rest my feet.  This has been a lower key Convention, but it seems better.  There is no pretentious feeling that sometimes come when the "corporate" aspect of the industry is present.  The creators are more laid back and just relaxed more.  Yes, we lack the glitz of the major companies being here, but those that work for them are here and accessible.  Just makes for a different vibe.  

Tomorrow is decision time.  Some big things on my buy list.  Hope I can get good picks.