Monday, June 16, 2014

Malibu Monday: Prime #1 Volume 2

Yes, that does say the Sensational Spider-Prime on the cover.  Makes sense for the time period.  Malibu is now under Marvel's ownership and all new characters in the Marvel Universe had to have so tangent Spider-Man appearances.  This would be a very confusing issue then and now for a casual reader.  I am scant on issues of Prime in my new Ultraverse collecting group.  I do understand that this comes directly off the big Infinity/Black September event that combined the two companies.  So we have Spider-Prime.

Kevin is our Spider-Prime.  Knowing that he is really Prime helps because there is also Prime in this comicbook.  So that could be confusing.  I think that this was one of the things that hurt the Ultraverse.  They were just shoehorned in and seems to never really have a chance at succeeding.  The entire story is weird and confusing.  Not really lighting a fire for the few issues that might follow.

Still, this is partly why I am collecting these books.  There are some interesting things in gathering the remnants of what could have been a great company had they been able to become powerful enough to compete with the big two.  Still, if you are looking to start a Prime collection, begin with Volume 1.