Friday, June 20, 2014


Made it down safe and sound.  Things were smooth and the day was very lite in terms of crowd.  There was a good amount of people and the spread out design really made for a great time of browsing.  I have two sketches already.  One is of Odie and the other is a sketch cover of the TARDIS as a Transformer.  Bought 40 comics and picked up a few trades.  Really cool beginning to vacation.

One bad thing that they did this year was not let you leave you prints if you had three day passes.  This was a bad decision I think.  It was always nice to be able to pick your print up as you left to check into a hotel instead of risking damage as you carried it around.  I bought some awesome bow ties.  Just had great fun and really looking forward to taking pics, sitting in on some panels, and spending money on the collection.

Also stopped by the Charlotte Hornets store.  It is nice having Hugo Hornet back in the Carolinas where he belongs.