Monday, June 23, 2014

Malibu Mondays: Siren Special #1

I bought this comic on Friday at Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina and read it that night in the hotel.  I noticed that Randy Green did the cover.  I carried it back Saturday hoping to get it signed, but sadly for me, his kid had a baseball tournament and he was only there on Friday.  Just a side story.  Now on to talking about the comic.

If you have never read a single Malibu comic or have no clue about Siren and Shuriken, then please do not just grab this out of a back issue box and read it as a way to jump into this comicbook world.  You will be very lost.  I kind of know about Siren and I was lost.  It helps that I have the run except for the first issue of The All New Exiles.  I at least know the whys and hows of Juggernaut and the reason Siren is sent after Shuriken. I get that maybe the end of this has something to do with Ultraforce.  Everything else is just a patchwork.

Siren is given an origin.  She is brought back from her stay in the Marvel Universe I guess.  It really is just a guess.  I think Siren is neat and here we get some cool uses of powers, but truthfully I never do really understand her origin completely.  The action in the story is really cool and the art top notch.  It is a good grab for my collecting of all the Malibu Universe.  Just wonder if I will collect enough to see the big picture of where this "special" fits into the larger scheme of things?