Tuesday, June 7, 2011

War of the Green Lanterns: Parts 7, 8, and 9

Green Lantern #66
Green Lantern Corps #60
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #10

            I was not able to get this written and posted before I left for Heroes Convention.  Since it has been a bit of time I want to warn you readers if you have not gotten around to reading these books yet that I plan on discussing the big thing that happened this go around.  It was and has been spoiled all over the Internet and I see no reason to do anything more than give a warning that I will have that same spoiler material within this post.

            Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan and Red Lantern Guy Gardner are trying to get Parallax out of the Central Power Battery.  Standing in their way are the Guardians of the universe who have been possessed by the remaining entities.  They are really neat looking and the first thought I had while watching them attack was that they would make a cool toy set.  Still, this is a great battle.  Krona is around as well.  It makes for some cool visuals.  The secondary plot thread is the fate of those trapped by Lyssa Dark within the Book of the Black.  Sinestro has broken free of the horrific memories that each former Lantern trapped carries.  He searches for Lyssa and rips through the pages and memories of the others.  That is represented in some really creative artwork.  My theory of what the Indigo Tribe really is has some fact placed on it.  I thought when I saw Black Hand a true believing member of the Indigo Lanterns that is was a forced Compassion.  Seems I was right in thinking all the ring bearers were former “evil doers” forced to be forces of compassion.  The head Lantern of that group is pretty hardcore.  It makes sense why she is the only one of the group to see and interact with Sinestro as he enters her memories.

            Indigo Lantern John Stewart and Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner take over the GLC book.  There mission is to save Mogo.  The Planet lantern is discharging an infinity number of rings to find new Green Lanterns.  Problem is that because of the Yellow infection it is just building a larger army for Krona and not choosing the best of the Universe to serve.  It is an interesting fight.  Kyle and John face hordes of Green Lanterns and Mogo as well.  Do not forget what happens when a Blue lantern is near a Green Lantern, instant super charge.  Kyle does get a handle of his powers some and can snap some of the troops out of the infection.  Doesn't work on Mogo and the reason stems back to The Blackest Night.  This brings John to a cool use of a destructive Lantern groups power.  It also leads us to the explosive death of Mogo.  It was an unbelievable moment.

            The event is enough to snap every infected Lantern, Guardian, and Krona for a loop when the death causes a mental feedback.  Ghanthet is free and soon Guy has to worry about that Pink Thong again as he and Hal are forced to wear the two extra rings.  Guy gets Love and Hal gets Greed.  Even though with Ghanthet all the ROY G BIV spectrum is represented it falls to Guy Gardner to finish the job.  It is an inspiring and sad moment as Guy releases his feelings about being a Lantern.  Soon the gang is all assembled and free to unite as Green Lanterns again.  The final battle looms and it just adds that Geoff Johns is the greatest GL storyteller of this and many eras.