Thursday, June 16, 2011

SHIMMER by Dallas Reed

Shimmer by Dallas Reed
As many of you have come to realize, I am cheap.  Well, more like I love to get books for a low cost.  I found this book at Big Lots and paid $3 for it.  Originally it sold for $8.99.  It was a nice little story from the HARPER Teen line.  A very good Teen read as it is accessible to even some older Tweens as well.

The plot is all about a box.  Teens and cliques collide with an ancient evil that soon has a Colorado town acting like drugged zombies.  The idea to use the weather and mountains as a way to initially contain the spread of this virus like transformation that comes over people was really good.  The other great thing is the way the teens are diverse, but in the end the ones who have an internal true nature maintain that whether good or bad.

For a adult like me that can devour books this is a simple read.  Plus the secret is connected to something I loved reading about when I was in school.  To tell it gives away some of the story.  I liked it and will probably keep an eye out for other books by Dallas Reed.