Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heroes Convention 2011 Day 3

So Today was a rush to get back to check out of the hotel on time.  Apparently something happened to cause the advance entrance to be voided today and it was 11 AM before the doors opened.  We had to check out at Noon so it was a rush to find prints that I had wanted, buy shirts, and take some pictures.  If anyone knows the young woman in the fantasy type purple dress, she looked awesome, just saying.

I am tired, but it was a good convention.  I never made it to a single panel, still I had fun.  In a way not having DC and Marvel there gave it a nicer feel to the convention.  There was no empty seats as meetings with people went on because it was convenient to do a bit of business.  Maybe too, the fact some of the "bosses" were not there made it easier to speak your mind some.  No Newsarama as I saw.  Few if any of the so called Comic News people.  I guess with Wizard Magazine dead and buried and the "competition" for the Conventions gone it made our little Con less fashionable.  

Next year I believe is the 30th Anniversary, figure some big creators that have fond memories will be in attendance.  Wonder if the Major players will return?  If they do, please remember we will be kind to you here in the South even if you felt we were not good enough to date this year.

Pictures Below