Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heroes Convention Day 2

Day Two of HeroesCon has my feet hurting. I have found some good trades I was looking for here at the Con. I have Dynamo 5 vol. 4, Two Shadow Pacts, G-Man, and some Witchblade/Top Cow Trades. Got some great sketches that I will scan when I am at home. There were a few costumes this year and some that I was able to snap pictures of the people. It was a nice laid back day. I watched the friend I am with meet Jim Starlin. It was neat seeing him meet a guy that had created a character he loved, Dreadstar.

It has been different without any Marvel or DC presence other than the creators here on there own. In some ways it is nice. There were no side meetings that added to absences of creators. This year seems earlier and it has a different atmosphere. I like this, but miss some of the bigger names that comes with the corporate attendance. Image has been here as a company and so have some of the smaller independents. I guess the fact no panels really intrigued me is what seems off. I have liked having a hotel room all three days. This is vacation for me so I am trying to enjoy.

Looking forward to the last day tomorrow. It will be a day of deciding whether to buy prints or books. I have so many prints I want. I need to win the lottery so I can just buy all the stuff I want. I did get some free comics. I grabbed a good stack of kids comics for a step-cousin.

Boogity Boogity Cheese!


PICTURES in the next POST