Friday, June 3, 2011

HeroesCon Day 1

 Sorry I did not get the War of the Green Lanterns report up.  I have to hurry because I am under a thirty minute time limit for free Internet in the lobby.  Made it to HeroesCon and even though Marvel and Dc Corporate have decided to shun us this year the creators are here and we had a great opening day.  I have a Darkwing original cover sketch comic.  Bought some awesome prints.  Met Scottie Young at long last and found a bunch of twenty-five cent comics.

I wanted a commission of Scrap from Dynamo 5 and decided on Rebekah Isaacs for the job.  She did a wonderful sketch of the goth gal powerhouse.  I have a new comic from the guy that brought us PandaDog.  Buttons as well.  I just have had a great day and look forward to the rest of the Convention.

My feet hurt and I am tired.  So I will post again tomorrow.  Bye for now.