Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oracle's Importance

Added Link of an interview between Jill (the Nerdy Bird) and Gail Simone (Writer Extraordinaire)

Sometimes characters grab hold of our imagination and allow us to be inspired.  The tag of Superman was always "You will believe a man can fly."  Captain America is the collection of all that was ever good about the ideals America was founded upon.  Spider-Man is the everyman that we all can feel a connection to as we live our lives.  None though have the impact of a character that really represents true adversity.

The character of Barbara Gordon is within the comicbook fan community a legendary character.  She was the first Batgirl.  We know her as the love interest of Dick Grayson the first Robin.  The major contribution was what became of the character after her most tragic event.  For those that do not know, Babara was shot by the Joker.  The bullet paralyzed her for life.  She became an even stronger force to the super hero community of the DCU.  From her Wheelchair she fell back on her intellect and became Oracle.  Oracle is the technological genius that knew everything, could hack any system, and kept the heroes informed.  She would even gather her own team of women and a few men that needed a second chance into her Birds of Prey.  

Yet, it is not the Oracle that really made her important.  It is the fact that she was a comicbook representation of a person with a disability (I hope that if that is not PC I will be forgiven) seen as capable of great things.  It saddens me that this reboot will erase that representation.  Well, The Nerdy Bird has written a better column on the impact of this loss.  Please go read the links I am placing below.  Also the comic strip I added in images.


ORACLE Is Stronger Than BATGIRL Will Ever Be

Nerdy Bird 1

Nerdy Bird 2