Friday, June 17, 2011

Flashback Friday: Shogun Warriors #1 (HeroesCon Find)

Getting back in the groove of things after my Heroes Convention vacation.  This week's Flashback Friday comes to you via HeroesCon.  It is a find from a Quarter Box.  Before I ever started school Ihad a small Shogun Warriors figure.  I never read the comic or saw a cartoon with them, but I understood they were giant robots that protected us from giant monsters.  The end of this comic told me the name of that toy, Combatra.

Seems that for centuries multiplied by eons an ancient evil has been waiting to return to Earth.  Lucky for us we have a force of good that has been hidden and working for all those years awaiting a day that the evil might return.  Three people from across the globe are snatched by a transporter beam and suddenly have the driver's seats of a Giant Robot.  It is something that all little boys love.  Just a note of information, you ever need to buy a toy for a young boy, then buy some kind of Robot.

This would be a cool book to look for the back issues, but I guess they are as scarce as the Godzilla comic.  I would buy an Essentials version of this like the Godzilla one I bought.  Look for more of my Heroes Convention finds and books I purchased in the coming weeks.