Monday, October 7, 2013

Earth 2 #16

 It has been a rough few weeks for me health-wise and that has curtailed my posting.  I was doing so well for a bit there too.  I did want to give you something to read and decided it was time again to sing the praises of Earth-2.  This to me is one of the bright gems of the DCnU or The New 52.  It has taken old characters with massive histories and retooled them for today.  They feel familiar while also new.  It has been an interesting and fun read so far.

James Robinson finishes his run as of this issue.  Maybe he left because of editorial messing, maybe he just finished his part of the story.  I don't read the gossip sites or news sites anymore, so I don't know and don't care really.  I do care that he has crafted the foundation for a book I hope to enjoy for a long time to come.

Nicola Scott has been a fantastic artist on this title.  She has rocked the look and feel of this alternate Earth and it has been absolutely terrific seeing her diverse ability shine.  I first saw her work on the old Birds Of Prey.  She was good there on that title, but with Earth-2 she was able to bring more to the table.  She as much as Robinson shaped the Earth-2 foundation.  She was called upon to draw romance, war, espionage, magic, apocalyptic destruction, and natural landscapes.  She has proven herself to be one of the best artist working at DC Comics.

We get a big shocker in this issue.  The big bad is victorious, but also killed very violently to give us a new ruler.  The reveal I think will be a fake.  I have an idea on who this really might be, but to even make my guess ruins the shock ending.  I have placed the death of Steppenwolf here.  There is much in this defeat of the One World Army.  

Green Lantern may be dead as well.  I doubt it, but he took a beating to end all beatings.  The wonders all came together and pulled survivors out.  We still have two side stories going.  They don't get time this issue.  There is Hawkgirl and the new Batman on a search and the Barda and Mr. Miracle quest.  Each is just as high octane as this issue.  I am eager to see what the new writer does with the foundation that has been laid.  I also hope Nicola Scott remains on the book.