Friday, May 10, 2013

Flashback Friday: Aztek The Ultimate Man #2

As promised the Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) fueled Flashback Friday begins.  This is the first and only Aztek comic I have bought or owned.  As I was going through the Fifty Cent long boxes on FCBD I saw the Green Lantern Symbol and what looked like Major Force.  Those that know Kyle Rayner's story as Green Lantern know why this caught my attention.  Major Force is probably Kyle's number one adversary.  He killed and stuffed the GL's fiancee into a refrigerator and forever gave us the term "Women in Refrigerators" as a term for how women are treated in comics.  The two have history and I thought it could be a neat buy.

I knew a bit about Aztek as I have read a few JLA issues with him in a supporting role.  Here was a glimpse of his beginnings.  Sadly, it didn't grab me all that much.  I found it showing a flat character.  Really, GL being in the book was its saving grace.  The art was really off-putting for me as well.

It has a neat idea for a plot.  The use of Major Force was a good way to have the team up.  There is a secret about the Major that would ruin the read if you ever found yourself with this book in your hands.  I said it felt flat, that was as an overall book.  The story itself was really quite good.  I just had no desire to add this to a group of books to own the complete series.  That might sound at odds to some readers of my Blog, but for me it makes sense.

Aztek is named here in this issue and there is a cool registration form for being a superhero that Aztek has filled out in the back of the issue.  All in all it is a neat Green Lantern side tale and a miss as for my wanting to add Aztek to my collection.  Wonder if he made it into the DCnU?