Friday, August 23, 2013

Flashback Friday: The Might Thor #353

Walt Simonson is by far the Master of Thor Comics.  His Art and Story drived this character from epic adventure to the most absurd situations.  One thing he always brought what that EPIC and IMMORTAL feel of Thor and the world he came from.  This issue is proof of that statement.  It is the culmination of a massive tale pulled from the Norse Mythology and crafted with the Marvel Universe as backdrop.  The Demon Lord Surtur has sought to light his Twilight Sword in the Eternal Flame so he can set the Universe ablaze.  It has built over multiple issues.  This tale is not unlike a great symphony with this as the climax of each note and instrument.

I dare say that an issue like this will never be seen again.  The current comicbook creators lack the ability to tell a story like this in an issue.  "The Finale Of The Surtur Saga" is across the book.  It is well and truly finished in these pages.  Today it would take five issues or more just to tell what this lone comic does.  There would not be the dialogue and really probably not be as good.

The action is almost more than the pages can hold.  We have Avengers, Asgardians, and others lead by Beta Ray Bill fighting hordes of Demons on Earth.  Johnny Storm is helping a man try and repair the Cask of Ancient Winters while battling Frost Giants and fairies.  Then there is the Battle Royal with Odin and his sons Thor and Loki battling Surtur in Asgard.  That is a tremendous fight that showcases the powers and skills of each warrior.  This is the ultimate in what Marvel was when it valued story and respected the reader.  This entire Saga is one great read, but the end is also a great stand alone.  Plus, BETA RAY BILL people.