Monday, June 4, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

There will be Spoilers.
Be Warned.

I went yesterday to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  It was a good movie that entertained.  It did have some weak points.  This was a true to the original material movie as it is very dark and filled with violence and horror.  That is what Grimm Fairy Tales were originally.  As little kids we get the sanitized and pretty little stories.  This movie has little of that stuff.

Charlize Theron steals the show as the best crazy evil witch stepmother EVER.  Her insanity is very clear as the movie progresses and you can almost fill sorry for her.  Almost, because she then she will kill, maim, or suck the youth out of someone.  Her gorgeous eyes are used to great effect as her age varies from young to aged.  Theron is the best actor in this movie who hits her marks every time.

Thor, oh, I mean Chris Helmsworth is very heroic as the reluctant warrior.  Funny how he has a hammer-like axe as a weapon.  He really is a great male lead for this movie.  He did what the role required.  while not exactly inspiring as a hero, he is believable and that carries a long way.  He doesn't get the girl, but that is kind of a nice twist.

Sadly, Kristen Stewart had the scowl of a disgruntled Princess down, but she lacked something.  Her acting was OK.  The material really didn't give her a great deal of chances to shine as a speaker.  That is where she missed the mark.  I believe that the role needed someone that could give the intensity of a warrior that Stewart was good at, but also an actress with great emotional chops.  Some scenes would have helped if the actress in the role had one of those smiles that could melt your heart and without words have you ready to follow her anywhere.  Stewart lacks those type of facial expressions and it is what hurts her otherwise competent job.

I did like at the end that Snow White becomes Queen and stands alone.  The fact that they did not have her marry the Huntsman, or even necessarily know he was the one that gave her the kiss that brought her back was a cool way to do this movie.  It is cool that she is the leader alone.  It doesn't leave out a future with him, ugh I just realized there could be a sequel as well.  No, this movie ended really strong.

It is a nice way to kill a Sunday afternoon, which is what I did.