Friday, June 8, 2012

Flashback Friday: Anne Elizabeth's Pulse of Power

One of the awesome things about quarter and fifty cent boxes are little gems like this one.  When at my shop's Toy and Comic Fair I found Pulse of Power, a $7.99 dollar book when it came out new, for fifty cents.  I knew zero about this book.  I have never read Anne Elizabeth's work that I know of for sure.  I do read a bunch of anthologies of supernatural or paranormal romance so it is possible.  I only knew that the character had to be a magical red head.  So I bought it.  If she had held a sword in her hand there would not even had been a hesitation.

It is really well done.  It has a world where magic is around the real world but hidden.  Those with magic have rules to follow and evil stuff can skirt around from what I gathered.  Tia, the main character uses her meager abilities to hunt the bad magic users and eliminate them.  Here though we see her dealing with strange dreams and there are three dudes casting spells concerning her.

She has a best friend that plays heavy into the story.  There is a cop love interest that goes no where.  The big bad is gruesome enough and looks funny in the three piece suit.  The magic building where Tia works is really cool.  There are many crazy looking beings that are in and out of the place.  Best way to describe it is by comparing it to the arrival and departure area in Men In Black.  Just a mish-mash of weirdness.

It was a good buy.  Apparently there is a second book that came out in Oct. of 2011.  The link for PULSE OF POWER has a link to the next book.  I will be watching for it in the long boxes at HeroesCon.