Monday, June 11, 2012

Mutant X Mondays: Mutant X #5

     Once again we are dropped into the middle of the action.  This time The Six have been called in by Man-Spider, even though Alex will constantly call him Spider-Man, battle a horde of demons.  Yeah, we faced demons last issue as well.  There is a twist here and some info about this version of Earth as the action continues.  The Green Goblin is really similar to the one Havok knows, only here he makes clones and they look like demons and that is how he scares the Underworld into submission.

     Maddie explains that these are not real demons, she knows, trust us that she knows.  There is a bunch of stuff that goes down here, but really the spotlight is on two characters.  One is the Brute.  We have seen this child-like version of Henry McCoy be very strong and very simple.  He is also very protective.  That might be why Havok sends him to look after Maddie when she takes The Fallen and goes after The Goblin King as Osborn has proclaimed himself.  That brings in the other spotlight.

     The Goblin Queen has not taken to much to this whole scenario that is going down.  Maddie has become that evil thing from last issue.  She confuses both Osborn and Man-Spider.  In the process we learn that some time ago an event happened that caused distrust in all the heroes that used magic.  Even Dr. Strange has disappeared under this hatred.  Now that the world has almost forgotten things that go bump in the night The Goblin King has brought those fears back.  She kills both the Goblin King and Man-Spider.  Poor Brute sees it and goes a bit bonkers and is heading to tell Havok.

     We watch him threatened and bullied by The Fallen and coerced by Maddie until the Brute is afraid to talk.  His parents, little Scotty, Havok, Bobby, all his loved ones are threatened.  It leads to a heart-wrenching chase and sense of betrayal.  It also sets up a more regular story design.  We will watch things unfold and people be revealed as other than they appear as our boy Havok must unravel truths before he suffers big time.

It is getting good.