Monday, June 4, 2012

Mutant X Mondays: Mutant X #4

I have read most of the Mutant X run and I am still unsure of the ends and outs of the Madelyne character.  Her powers seem to be like Jean Grey's in terms of telekinesis.  Yet, she at some point had to have had the "Inferno" type powers.  This issue has us jump into a nightmare.  Little Scotty and Havok end up evading hordes of Demons that are infesting Castle Bannerman.

Maddie is being seduced by a demonic entity in this issue.  He has her so wrapped up in the desire for power.  It is a creepy and well drawn issue.  The fog effect in the Castle is cool.  Strange roots take the rest of the Six out.  Well, Bloodstorm leaves before we get into the action.  That is a great tease.  We see her return to her own Castle and be let in by someone she calls "Kitten" and drink from a waiting Forge.  His lifeblood is her food.  She refuses to drink of the opponents that the Six face.  We get a small glimmer that she is a vampire, but fighting the vampiric nature.

This issue may seem like a quick and unimportant filler issue, but it is not.  The biggest stories of later issues will revolve around this seduction to evil and the coming of the Goblin Queen.  There is also a clue that Scotty is and always will be key to how Maddie can be reached.  We see that here as her love of him broke the spell.

Mutant X is a forgotten fun gem from Marvel.  Does anyone know if they ever collected this series?