Monday, May 28, 2012

Mutant X Mondays: Mutant X #3

     So everybody now knows that Havok thinks he is from another universe and traded places with the Havok that was killed by a Sentinel as he arrived.  So they all think he is nuts.  His wife Maddie wants him to see a shrink and everybody else is giving him funny looks.  Again we are thrown into the middle of an adventure and don't really know what is happening.  Havok spends a lot of time explaining how not ridiculous his story sounds by running down the back stories of The Six.

     Soon he just nose doves the plane into Canadian airspace and they are immediately shot down.  Seems Canada is a superpower and not on friendly terms with the USA.  It does give us a look at three of Marvels wild boys.  They are called The Pack and consist of Wolverine, Sabertooth, and Wild Child.  All three are demented experiments by Canada that has left the three mutants in a feral and primal state.  Wolverine and Sabretooth still wear pants.  Always wondered about that in some weird way.

The Six are taken, The Six are found.  Havok goes on instinct and helps the Pack find the old Weapon X lab.  We see an awesome showing of Havok's power as he melts an adamantium door.  Alpha Flight shows up and suggest The Six leave.  Havok become happy as part of the team.  We never know what happens to The Pack.  Odd issue.