Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Surprised by a Twitter Post

After the Wonder Woman Movie I was having a great time posting on Twitter.  As I surfed I saw a drawing that summed up my feelings perfectly as to how I felt about the movie.  It was of Wonder Woman punching and knocking out the current resident of the White House.  I posted how the pic really caught how I felt.  Upon reflection I realize it was a bit of a strong image.  I am not wanting to punch the creep who is my president out.  I have no desire to meet him either.

What the picture represented was my renewed sense of fighting for the things the movie portrayed; Love winning all, hope in the face of overwhelming odds, and just a sense that all I have stood for in my life was important.  I see the current US Prez as a very small minded man that seems so paranoid of the world around him.

I mean look at how he responds to an attack on our ally Great Britain, rabbles on Twitter about his travel ban, his ability to fight better, no guns, and then insulting the Mayor of London.  Only later did he send condolences.  That is the opposite of the Wonder Woman Movie.

So I will be glad so many feel like I do and be renewed that there are still people who believe in Love.