Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mantra Mondays: The Strangers #13

When this gets saved it will probably be Tuesday, but oh well.  Last Mantra we saw our Heroine kill one of Boneyard's three wives.  Instead of receiving that person's stolen Mantra costume, she didn't and Boneyard walked through a breach in the dimensions.  So why are we now looking at The Strangers comic?  Well, that is where we pick up Boneyard and his part of this Mantra story.

The Strangers are just getting back from some major adventure where a member called Yrial back and Member Bob has found a new artificial magic when the authorities have asked for help.  A plane is heading in with a hostage situation.  We find out that the Ultra that did the hijacking was Boneyard.  He is his gross self as we await the excitement.

Just when Boneyard is chastising The Strangers for allowing demons to enter his realm by their actions in the saving of Yrial, Mantra appears.  Big battle and the abduction of Bob.  The wives are there, but really not used.  Later Notch and the Boneyard Warriors show up with the wives to fight a bit.  It is an OK story, but kinda flat and moves in a jerky fashion.

There is a great bit of philosophical discussion of gender and how we decide and accept who we are as a person.  The entire talk was way ahead of its time.  Currently we have this discussion in our society.  It is still a volatile issue, but back when this was written, it was very do not write about such things.  For that alone this is a very interesting comicbook.  Needless to say, it will dive directly into the next issue of Mantra.

Price of this comic was $3.50 and of an extra size.  Back then it was a rare price and an event type book.  The flip-side contained what was called ULTRAVESE PREMIERE.  There was a short Ladykiller tale that is continued and an excellent small PRIME tale that really is about a discarded PRIME husk.  A small and elderly funeral home owner has found and used his craft to extend the shell of Prime.  He wears it and takes on the gangs making life in his neighborhood horrible.  It is one of those nice little stories that just makes for cool reading.

Well, it is just a few minutes after midnight, so this is a Mantra Tuesday I guess.