Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trunk or Treat

OK, so this first pic is hard to see.  One of my kids took pics for me and this is one he snapped of the back of my car.  I had him using my small Vivitar and it does not do as well as the light disappears.  We had a BIG evening.  Between 500 and 600 kids came through by my best guess.  We started at 6:30 PM and by 7:15 my 415 items had vanished.  We had candy issues but solved them thanks to the nearby Dollar General.  Sometimes meeting at a movie theatre and using the empty parking lot in that shopping center pays off.  It was a great night.

13 or 15 vehicles were there.  It is hard for me to keep track as the kids came and some of my folks arrived just in time because of work schedules.  I can say that Darth Vader had a resurgence as a popular costume.  There were less Power Rangers and the most Batmans I have seen.  I did have a fellow Green Lantern, it was John Stewart.  Optimus Prime was a leader in costume count.  I made three young ladies happy because I knew they were from Monster High.  It really is and was a fun night.

I know many people focus on the nastier and dark side to the time of year.  Christians forget or just do not know that we co-opted the time of year as a way to "steal" the celebrations for our own back in Ye Olden Times.  So much myth and legend have and were mixed to push the pagan Harvest celebrations away and implement the celebration of the Saints that now it can be a hard way for a Church to be involved.  The thing is, the kids we had were not about pagan folklore.  They were about the joy of getting treats and seeing the decorations.  It is a fine line sometimes, but this event has always been and always will be a way to reach out and show our local community that we as a church are a part of them.  It also provides a safe area for fun.

Last is Alf as my Larfleeze, Orange Lantern for those not in the know.  I wanted to make a Dex-Starr, but just didn't work out.  I did make a Blue Lantern costume for one of my Youth.  He still has my Blue Ring.  He better have it or I will be out of luck finding a new one.  Hope your Halloween was awesome.

Maybe I can get a post about books up soon.  Thanks for being patient.