Friday, November 4, 2011

Flashback Friday: The Avengers #195

I was feeling kind of down the other day and just decided to go to the local Antique Mall.  I knew that there was suppose to be a new vendor with comicbooks and decided to check it out.  I found this little gem of a book.  After checking my list I confirmed I did not have the issue and decided to buy it.  I am a sucker for Ant-Man, Wasp, and Yellow Jacket in books.  It was a nice little slice of a bigger adventure.

The Wasp had been the only Avenger to not turn her back after a deranged man that came seeking help was taken by his health care officials.  She followed and had apparently been captured.  The Avengers spend the comic standing in the snow while Yellow Jacket and Ant-Man (Scott Lang) sneak in to see what happened to Janet.  They find her and aid in her release.  They kick butt and it leads to being captured again.  The best part comes next.  While making a bid to escape, the leader of the baddies decides to handle Janet by himself.  He tries to choke the "hapless" female and gets an uppercut to the jaw by our wonderful Wasp.  Later she takes out a guard by entering his ear and whistling.  It is just a outstanding comic for seeing The Wasp in action.

The end is something that will ensure my seeking issue #196.  The person behind the entire operation is the Taskmaster.  It is a great cliffhanger.  This is one of the best line-ups for the Avengers.  There was Captain America, Beast, Wonder-Man, Jocasta, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, The Vision, and of course Yellow Jacket and the Wonderful Wasp.  It is a powerful assemblage.  I really dislike that The Wasp got left out of the Avengers movie.  She is a founding member and should be there.  That is what happens when we have to rely on the popular masses to get our movies in the theatres.  I wish Marvel would take the route DC Comics has and give us some top notch animated movies based on current and older story lines.