Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am a Print Addict

I love prints.  I have many of the 11 x 17in that I have purchased.  I like these small ones though because I can scan them to share.  They also are easier to find frames for them when getting them protected and hang-able.
This Aquaman was from this year's Hickory ComicCon.  I love it.  The use of the Orange for the setting or rising sun.  The playfulness of the print is something else that drew me in.  Just a cool look.
It was a two for one price on the Aquaman print and the one that had to go home with it was this Phantom Print.  I love the character and this pirate ship piece was just a perfect fit for my collection.

The Hickory ComicCon event was where this Wonder Woman print was purchased.  I liked the simple look and the way the background is used.

Which lead to this year purchasing a Power Girl print by the same artist.  This is a really nice look for the lesser known character for mainstream people.

I bought a Harley Quinn print by this artist along with a Hulk print for a gift when at HeroesCon.  I saw this print of Mysterio by the same artist that I just had to get it.  This is a really neat drawing of a classic Spider-Man character.  I love pieces like this one.