Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where was Mantra Monday?

I am still attempting to get my posting mojo back.  Honestly, today was a simple case of misplacing the next comic to be part of Mantra Mondays.  It is Strangers #13.  I got it mixed in with some of the DCnU titles and could not find it until I sorted all that out.  Add that the books I bought at my local shop's comic show mixed in and one can see what happened.  I hope to get back this Friday and next Monday with the regular stuff and make a decision on the tie between She-Hulk and Spider-Woman.

The issue of Strangers comes after we saw Mantra kill on of the wives of first Archimage and now Boneyard.  This death allowed Boneyard to access Earth and now he is here in the Malibu Universe.  Mantra has lost her original cape, armor and mask to the wives.  They were who it all was created for.  Now we have a crossover.  I was determined to stay in sequence since I acquired the issues along the path this summer.

Stay with me readers, I hope to be back on track soon.