Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aquaman #2

            How long has Aquaman been the butt of all the comicbook world's jokes?  Even those who are not readers and fans of comics make fun of him.  Maybe it was because of the cartoon version on the Super Friends or his own animated series that we have such a silly opinion of him.  When I heard that Geoff Johns would be doing the writing chores for the new series for the DCnU 52 I was excited.  Could Johns do for Aquaman what he had done for the Green Lantern franchise?  Well, issue #1 was a great start for a character that is constantly put down.  It even had Aquaman making comments about the silly stuff we always hear about him.  I was happy with that issue and was eager to meet the new adversaries that Arthur Curry would be facing.

            This issue is all about the creepy beings from the Trench.  The are odd looking and speak telepathically.  They seem single-minded in pursuit of food.  I did figure out that the leader has some kind of paralyzing agent he sprays on a victim.  Guess who gets sprayed at the end of the book?  These creatures are very violent.  They kill and eat.  Yet, they are not playing them as evil.  So far they seem like any sea life that would encounter humanity an see us as food.  Aquaman has his hands full.

            Mera is really a scene stealer.  She is a mixture of regal authority and child-like innocence.  You forget she can hold her own sometimes, but Johns wrote a few scenes here to remind us how awesome she can be.  Her water manipulative powers are shown in stark contrast in this issue.  She makes a gorgeous mermaid to go with her sarcasm in talking with a law enforcement agent.  Later she is cutting the creatures from the Trench in pieces as she fights for her life.

            This is a title you should be reading.  It has been well worth the $2.99 price.  I get to the end and am sad because I want the story to continue.  This is one book that is not a disappointment.