Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Red Lanterns #1

            This book is for those that LOVE the current continuity of the Green Lantern Corps.  Plus it has a connection in part to the movie.  I concur with other Bloggers that Atrocious has been sanitized in how he looks.  I guess the thought was if he looked more “human” it would make him easier to care about.

            Which brings up an important issue of the title.  We are being asked to care about some horrific characters.  How can a new reader look at Bleedz and understand her?  They do not know she was once a beautiful princess with gorgeous wings.  They do not know how a member of the Sinestro Corps took her and ripped her feathers off her wings and then took her body for his own perverse pleasure.  That is where her rage comes from.  She became a Red lantern through this path.  Same for Dex-Starr of Earth, they do not understand why a small cat is a powerful red Lantern.

            This is for those in the know and it is very hard to become a book new readers can access.  That will be its weakness.  I read it and saw a powerful story of an alien questioning his place in the Universe now that his original quest fro vengeance had ended.  It is the rebirth of Atrocious and the defining of the Red Lantern Corps.  Plus revenge seem en vogue this year, ABC has a new TV Show all about Revenge.