Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birds of Prey #1

            Well, Black Canary is familiar.  I like the story, but missed Huntress and the old style and group.  Starling seems like a melding of characters to keep elements from the old series.  It seems that the Birds of Prey (BoP) will be more Gotham and Underworld focused.  I feel like I am rambling.

            There is not really much to comment on in many ways.  There was a stale feel to this book.  I have noticed that the books I had more connection to from the Old DCU tend to leave me a bit empty, like I want more.  Maybe I feel that when you ditch the comics that were working for a gimmick to make short term gains, that the story should be AWESOME.  BoP wasn't.

            Black Canary was like herself.  This new Starling is like Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, and every kicck-butt female in the DCU.  We are to accept her without knowing about her.  I am not liking her too much so far.  Her character is OK, but I just have seen this before and those characters were built up before I got this “type” thrown up for my reading.

            Basically, my former loyalty to the old book has this one on the pull list.  I like Black Canary as well.  It is also one that is on the chopping block.  It needs to perform or it will be cut.  I have limited funds to buy comics and that amount is shrinking each week.  I can't just buy for the sake of supporting an all female book.  I can't keep a book because I hope beyond hope it will get better.