Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #1

            I almost placed this book on the pull list.  If I have a few extra bucks I might buy it off the shelf.  It is common to revamp and restart the Legion over and over ad naseum.  I liked how they crafted this new look.  I also have this feeling that this title will be crucial to clues that hang around the purple cloaked woman.  Glorith might have a connection to this little “Where's Waldo?” person that has appeared in almost every DCnU comicbook.

            Otherwise this is what one would expect.  It is not something new, but something familiar that is welcome to many in this uncertain DCnU continuity.  The mystery that has been put forward is excellent.  Just what one needs from a Legion book.  I liked it, but the reason it did not make it is simple.  I am not one of the legion of fans of Legion of Super-Heroes.  Simple as that, plus this might be an awesome read as a trade.