Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ressurection Man #1

            I knew just enough about Mitch Shelley to think this book might be something to watch.  The original creators are behind his return, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.  We get the character from the eyes of the people who started his journey.  I knew that his power was to resurrect after death.  Each time he returns he has a new super ability.  These can be awesome like super strength, or less impressive like super smell.  Originally it was like he was wandering and happened upon the places he needed to be, like finding Linda Danvers, Peter David's Supergirl.  Just writing that makes me hope she might show up.

            The why of Linda Danvers appearing comes from the apparent adversaries that Mitch is facing.  Angelic and demonic beings are after him.  The clue we get is that Mitch's soul is so shiny it is blinding to these beings.  What we see of the Angelic forces are not the fluffy angels of popular culture.  These are more a warrior looking angel like the true descriptions from religious texts, with a dose of technological twist.  What I am gathering as the demonic group have yet to transform.  Their monstrous ways are displayed in the torture of people that might have information on Mitch Shelley.

            Resurrection Man was one of the interesting reads from the two week pile I picked up.  It is a comicbook that has a way to stay different as we get a variety of super powers.  This man on the run doing good is a standard of storytelling that when done correctly is very satisfying.  It is one I am going to attempt to follow.  I had it pegged from the start and reading the first issue kept it on the list.