Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Canterbury Cricket #1

The Canterbury Cricket #1
The only Flashpoint title I have bought has been The Canterbury Cricket.  I did so because of the weird nature of the character.  A human sized Cricket as a hero.  He is not a guy in a bug costume, but a Cricket.  I was curious.  I like British stuff as well and knew he had that connection.  So I purchased my only Flashpoint title to date.

I figure that the entire thing will be collected in trade and I will read it like that when the time comes.  Here though was an opportunity to read a bit and stay away from multiple issues and all the crazy expensive buys.  What I found was an enjoyable little tale with easily relateable characters.  Even the unknowns were easy to get a handle on.

Etrigan The Demon was recognizable.  What was new was Godiva, Mrs. Hyde, and Wicked Jinny Green Teeth.  They were easy to read and I liked the team dynamic very much.  Still, The Canterbury Cricket is the hero of the moment.  In true Canterbury fashion we get the suggestion for a modern DC version of the Canterbury Tales.  Cricket goes first to tell his origin.

It is a unique twist on the usual power granting story.  Instead of wanting power and going to the evil forces of the Underworld, The Cricket was a good looking guy who fled at a time of duty and honor and is given the chance for redemption by the Holy forces of good.  His penance is to wear the hideous form of the Canterbury Cricket.  That was really cool.  There is more to it.  I just sort of glossed over the whole story.  It is one that you can pick up and enjoy as a stand alone origin.

This book leads into Lois Lane and the Resistance.  So if you want to continue it you can.  I will wait for the Trades.