Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Rant on DC and Comic Con

Let me get this rant out of my system before Bloggers like The Nerdy Bird give us all the great reports from the biggest Convention in Geekdom as far as comics are concerned.  I am sick in tired of the Social Media reports on the DC Blog.  Here are the cool things we are giving away.  Want a button, too bad be on the Left Coast.  It sucks.  I was OK as for the second year DC had a smaller presence at HeroesCon.  Well, this year it was no official presence.  It is kind of nice when the creative people that work for the big companies do not have to have meetings with the company big wigs.  More time for us adoring fans to pester and talk with them.  I figure the economy had a part to play as well.  Save up for bigger venues.  That's cool.

For two months though it seems we that have to scrape by just to get to Charlotte and other smaller venues have had our faces rubbed in all the cool give aways at Comic Con.  Screw you DC.  It reeks that you do this and think it is cool.  It sucks.  So not only are we nervous that you will screw up this grand plan to make your books "more hip and accessible" to buyers that will never be as committed, we also get spit upon because we cannot be in San Diego.

Bad taste in my mouth.  Glad it is out.  Now I can look at the cool costumes I wish I could make as well as others do and all the neat stuff that will be shown on the Internet about new books and toys.  Glad that is over.