Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday (HeroesCon Edition): Rex Zombie Killer #0

This year I will do better with my self imposed obligation to post about books from Heroes Con.  I decided to combine the effort in the Flashback Friday part of the Blog.  So today I give you a glimpse of Rex Zombie Killer.  It is a simple story of a dog named Rex.  He is a super intelligent golden retriever.  On his journey to find safe haven in a world suffering from a Zombie outbreak is a pit bull named Brutus, a corgi named Buttercup, and a white cat named Fluffy.  This is a short story that sets up their quest.  It also is how they free the last member of the traveling party.

Kenji is a gorilla that is trapped in the lab it was held at.  Why do they need a gorilla.  Easy, opposeable thumbs.  That and Kenji can swing a baseball bat.  This is a great idea that is cool in the different take on zombies.  There is a hint that if the animals eat the flesh of a zombie they change as well.  It is a concept that makes sense in so many ways.  Animals affected by a zombie virus was a no brainer that is past its time.

The guy behind the company, Rob Anderson, made his second appearance with a table for Panda Dog Press at HeroesCon.  He is a friendly person that gathers attention from Convention Attendees by his smile and easy going nature.  The table is really eye catching as well.  I need to write about last years comic offering Animal Control.  That is where the Panda Dog is introduced.  I did get Panda Dog buttons that I wore at Vacation Bible School this year with our Panda theme.  Check out the site by clicking on the Panda Dog Press Logo.