Friday, April 8, 2011

War of the Green Lanterns


One awesome thing that happened because I am a poor church worker is the fact that I had to wait so long before buying my comics.  Just the hold box was all I purchased and it was big.  The plus side is the way I got to read the beginnings of the WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS.  It reads very well back to back to back.  I love this stuff.  I am amazed how Geoff Johns seems to be able to up the ante each and every time he creates an event for the Corps.  Here we once again have a threat to the universe in the form of the rogue Guardian Krona.  Remember that I predicted correctly that Krona was the strange adversary that was capturing the entities.  In this grouping of comicbooks we see the Butcher (Red Entity) and the Predator (Violet Entity) captured and the collection complete.  What really was disturbing was seeing the "New Guardians" sucked into the Book of the Black.

All heck has broken loose.  The final Guardians are possessed by the Entities and now Parallax is inside the Central Battery and turning the Green Lantern Corps into a group of Zombies.  Apparently Krona has no new ideas.  He reprogrammed the Manhunters to kill a planet and now it appears his plan is to use the Corps and Guardians to kill the Universe.  Creepy and dangerous is the order as again the four Earth Lanterns must face this threat with only Kilowoog and Ganthet along for the ride.  When you see what happens to Ganthet you will feel pain.  I like that little guy and seeing him take the lead and put himself out there makes me hope that at least before all is over he is able to see Syad again.  I probably misspelled her name.  

This story is like no other in recent days.  Sure we get the same cosmic danger, but the fact that our threat is the very ones that normally stop the danger is very different.  I am wondering what all those other Corps are doing as this is unfolding.  As I write this a thought occurred to me about the fact that Hal has the rings of the other "New Guardians" and I think I know how they come into play.  See Kyle and John are trapped without the aid of their rings on Oa as Ganthet runs a diversion.  So where is Hal and Guy?  They end up in EMERALD WARRIORS beating the crap out of each other somewhere far away.  By the time the snow clears I bet Hal wishes he had let his buddies Flash, Superman, and Batman tag along.

Oh I am loving this storyline.  It helps that this is happening in the Green Lantern section of books only.  It also helps that DC dropped the price of EMERALD WARRIORS to $2.99.  Some of you are trade waiters, my advice is to plan on getting this in trades if you aren't buying the titles monthly.  This is The Green Lantern Corps at its worst and maybe its finest.