Monday, April 11, 2011

Mantra Mondays: Mantra #8

Mantra #8

            Warstrike is the man that killed Lukasz in his last male body and caused him to now be trapped in the female body of Eden Blake because of that action.  Still, since that mistake on Warstrike's part he has become one of Mantra's allies in the war against Boneyard, even coming to her rescue as she was trapped in that realm.  The man that sent Warstrike after Lukasz is named Notch.  He is sort of the opposite of Lukasz in Boneyard's army.  Now Notch has a plan to find out the female guise of Mantra.  They know that stealing power that Archimage gave Lukasz by saying his name doesn't work.  So now they need to find out about Eden so they can directly attack our heroine with a man's spirit.

            This all precipitates the release of the prisoner in Cell 14.  Apparently this being can do what Boneyard and company can't.  So Notch is given the chance to try and warned about failing.  That sends us to our friend Warstrike.  He has the biggest crush on Eden.  He seems to care not that a man is in the driver's seat.  That makes Lukasz so uncomfortable.  Still, it provides for some humorous dialogue.

            One might wonder early on if Lukasz has become settled about being a woman.  Warstrike comes home to find Mantra waiting.  She immediately tries to seduce him.  Even though he likes the idea, Warstrike realizes something is wrong.  That is when Guise, the occupant of Cell 14, shows their true form.  Not as pretty as Mantra.  Soon our boy Warstrike is knocked out and the helpless prisoner trapped and tortured for the true name of Mantra.

            Mantra's magic is weird by any standards.  Somehow she begins seeing Warstrike as every person around her.  This leads her to seek the man out and find the trail of his abductors.  All that leads to a Renaissance Fair.  She is immediately the coolest babe there as the Mantra costume works in Lukasz's favor.  Guise plays a dirty trick though.  It becomes Marinna, Lukasz's long dead wife.  So it is safe to say that Mantra is unsettled before the fight of her life occurs.

            Soon Notch and his warriors are also attacking Mantra.  She is doing well, but still out numbered and just holding her on.  Warstrike has been slowly freeing himself, so soon he joins the fight.  That leads to a Guise and Warstrike twin thing and Mantra having to figure out who is whom.  She does of course and Warstrike even steals a kiss afterwards.  All the time the Fair patrons think it is a staged show and are critiquing it.

            The best is that Mantra wins best costume.  Maybe the best is Notch being locked in Cell 14.  Could be that Guise escapes.  Maybe it is just that Lukasz had less time to whine this issue.