Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rogue Angel: The Dragon's Mark

            My guilty pleasure right now is the Rogue Angel series by Alex Archer.  I love these stories and the size and length fit into my busy life of Church stuff and everything else.  I love that even though these books are quick reads for me they are not dumb.  This book was 316 pages.  Most are similar in length.  Currently there are 27 of these books.  I have the next one that is out, Phantom Prospect, and will have it read soon.  Any family that is reading this, I will place a list of what I have and the one's I need and they would make great gifts.

            What you need to know; Annja Creed is a young archeologist who grew up an orphan in New Orleans.  She got a job as co-host and the credible host of a cable TV Show called Chasing History's Monsters.  Her money from that goes to fund her travel on archeological digs.  In the first book, Destiny, she is combining a bit of both to look into a legend of a French monster and ends up becoming the bearer of Joan of Arc's sword.  Since then she has been a force of good using the sword to protect the innocent and bring justice when needed.  Joan's two protectors still live, a knight and his squire, who now do not know what happens with the sword back in one piece or if Annja dies.

            This book begins with a celebration given by Garin Braden, the immortal squire that served Joan of Arc to celebrate the Roux's birthday.  Roux was Joan's Knight Protector and the current mentor to Annja Creed.  Of course the trio and Roux's manservant Henshaw are all attacked by a commando group and Annja ends up being bested and taunted by a Ninja after taking out four ninja henchmen.  Just a normal opening to these books.

            The plot is that there is an opposite of Annja's sword in the world.  An evil katana wielded by a ninja assassin known as the Dragon.  The twist and turns are great as we see Annja fully embracing her destiny in this book, plus a great deal of Garin and Roux, whom sometimes are not included in these adventures.  When they are the mix is explosive.  This is no exception to that rule.

            I enjoy the history and the science that is embedded in these novels.  The author, Alex Archer, does a great job of mixing the science, history, and fantasy.  He also is respectful of the religious undertones that come up in his stories.  These are fun and wonderful books that I just devour.  I love the character of Annja Creed as well.  Humor and wit come through the action and intrigue to make for some outstanding reading.