Thursday, April 21, 2011

Journey To Heroes Convention

I am behind on getting comics discussed I know.  I do have one more book to discuss before I try and get some thoughts up on the comics most of you probably come here to read about.  Besides the regular work and the delays in getting books I am now working to get to Charlotte for HeroesCon.  I decided to show you how I raise money to spend.  Tomato plants fund my vacation expenses for the most part.

I have been working to get the seeds to grow and transplanting the tiny plants since the end of January.  It is not a way to get rich.  I mean you have to sell a bunch of plants at $1 a single or four-pack.  The upside is that the dealers at the Convention love when I pay with ones.  So many people run to the ATM machine and drop twenty's on the people selling stuff that it helps them when I can use ones to pay.  Still, I have to work very hard and for a long time consuming day outside to sell maybe $30 and usually half of that will be Dad's plants.  

I was hoping to get a bit of money from my substitute teaching to use for vacation, but taxes and stuff has me behind on that use.  I was going to get ahead this month and this week I had to buy a battery for my Explorer.  $90 to get that and my bank account is drained.  I have just enough to pay health insurance, which I have been over paying to keep it lower.  Had I not done that I would have not had enough in the bank account.

Some people will roll into HeroesCon and drop a bunch of money.  I will be watching every dollar and just trying to enjoy the day and buy what I can without going broke.  I am lucky my friend is going, it enables us to stay for two nights in the hotel.  That will take care of parking and gas costs.  Plus I can really feel like I am on vacation.

I am working now on my costume.  I hope to start dying at the end of the week.  I then have some sewing to do along with thinking about what kind of pants to adjust.  I want to sustain pockets, but I need to look as close to the character as possible.  I think I have one that the homemade nature will work well.  I may be visiting another friends podcast group.  Little nervous about this as I am just a simple comicbook fan that has stopped reading all the news and gossip sites.  Sometimes these types are a bit haughty.  I hope it is not the case this time.  

Just wanted to share a bit as I sit her with dad as he awaits a doctor appointment.