Thursday, April 14, 2011

Soul Surfer

I took my Youth to see this movie Wednesday Night.  It was our last meeting until after Easter.  We will be doing a 4-Week study using a DVD clip and Bible Study about Bethany Hamilton.  So I was kinda mixed about this movie.  I figured it would be OK, but I guess I thought I knew the story because I had seen the News reports and read the story in the paper.

You need to GO SEE THIS MOVIE!  It was so heart-warming and touching.  The actors conveyed the sense of family and faith so well.  The events that helped to shape this young woman and her circle of friends is just amazing.  I was near tears so many times, but they were tears because you were proud of this young girl.  I just hope people go see it.  They will come away rewarded with a true sense of courage and faith.