Monday, April 4, 2011

Mantra Mondays: Mantra #7

Mantra #7

            Apparently Mantra was guest appearing over in her fellow Ultra's book.  So for the beginning of the tale one must look to Prime #8.  From what I gather Prime is this kid who somehow oozes this goop and hulks up to a grown muscle man.  It has a time limit and energy limit.  Still, I think he is suppose to be one of the most powerful of the Ultras.  So Mantra is in the clutches of Prime's arch-nemesis, Doc somebody.  So Mantra is being drugged and abducted and Prime is in hot pursuit.  Yes, Lukasz still finds time to whine about being trapped in the body of a woman.  That almost will never change until Marvel buys Malibu.

            Prime like all male types in this book seems to have developed a crush on Mantra.  This is good for Mantra because she is trapped and soon will be incapacitated.  Thanks to her slipping the circlet that changes to the Sword of Fangs, Prime will be able to find her.  This is yet another ability this mighty sword has.  I am noticing that whenever the writer gets into a bind the sword of Fangs can magically change the fate of the story direction.  Still, it is a cool sword.

            We get a bit of weird mad scientist story next.  The building of the Prime body to make a super race.  The need for Mantra's genetic make up to make a female Prime so there can be mating and baby Primes.  Just typical 1950's black and white movie plot.  Of course Prime busts up the party and his alter-ego Kevin ends up needing Mantra to save him.  The end has Lukasz at least accepting some of his “feminine” side and helping boost a young boy's self esteem.  It is sweet and something I feel that the series could have used more of in the development of the story-lines.