Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Sad Decision has been made.....or Bye Bye Birds.

I must drop this title from my hold list.  It saddens me to do so.  Once I discovered the original Birds of Prey and began collecting back issues and even subscribing through the mail for a long time I wanted to always follow the Birds and enjoy the team.  Since the New DCU formed I have really tried to give this book a chance.  Month after month I kept reading hoping for something to keep my interest.  It never happened.

Directionless is a word I would use, even though I can see the direction that the story seems to go.  There are foreshadows at things and when bits are clearer it seems like nothing really has happened.  Disjointed is another word.  I am still unsure how Batgirl became a part of the team.  She was asked and said no, then out of the blue she is fighting alongside.  It is just one weird step after another.  For me it is not working.

I had hopes for Starling.  She is a great character and had loads of potential, but again, when it came time to see her shine I never could.  I would love to see her in some other books.  Catwoman and Batwoman spring to mind as the easiest to reasonable have a story where paths cross.  Her character was just not enough alone to justify my continued reading.

Here is the problem, it never was on either end of my must read.  When first sorting through the stack of books I never went to it in the first three.  It was not a must read and see what has happened.  Likewise it never ended up as a book to savor.  One in which I would hold off to read because it was always something I would enjoy and just like to take my time with.  I never really had anything but a "well, time to read Birds of Prey and get it over with..."  That is sad.  I used to love watching Oracle, Canary, and Huntress have adventures.  I miss lady Blackhawk.  It just never really clicked.

The deal I have with myself is that I will not spend money on books just for the sake of buying them.  I must enjoy the stories and the characters.  With the cost at basically $3 an issue it must be this way and I must drop Birds of Prey the next trip to the Comicbook Store.  I will miss you Black Canary.