Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why No Marvel?

You stumble across this Blog and see about 90% DC Comics reviewed.  You are a follower and wonder why I never really talk about current Marvel comicbooks?  Well, I do not buy any Marvel books currently.  The last series I was reading involved Nova.  When the constant crossovers kept intruding I just gave it up.  Sadly I left a company I at one time was supporting fully.  I recently reread my Nova series until I stopped buying.  I still love the character and love Marvel.  I was reminded how perverse the Marvel Universe had become to me.  Heroes becoming fascists and Spider-man making deals with the devil so writers could have him with multiple sexual possibilities.  I could go on and on about the way these characters just did not feel right.  The strange relationship fans and corporate leaders have was broken for me.  I took to heart the  idea Quesada snidely gave of reading the back stock of Marvel Comics if I (fans) did not like the direction the company was going creatively.  I have.  I read the glorious old comics where integrity and responsibility mean something.  I read about heroes that sacrifice real and substantial things for the greater good.  Marvel currently is for a type of reader I am not.  I suppose they are selling books, and a friend of mine would say they do not care if they lost my business.  Still, are there more "mes" out there?  I am not alone right?  Others became feed up and broke the mentality of just overlooking and buying anyway, right?  Truthfully, this came at a good time.  $3.99 is too much for a 22-page story, especially if you dislike the way things are.  I have decisions to make as DC will one day have to decide a new price rate.  So far their tiered pricing has kept most of my reads at $2.99  So I hope you realize why things are so unbalanced.