Friday, January 20, 2012

Flashback Fridays: Lara Croft Tomb Raider #1 Take Over

Back in the day I tried to play Tomb Raider on my PC.  I am not good at games really so I lost interest once I got stuck on a level.  What I have always loved were the Tomb Raider comicbooks.  Was there ever a better character for comics?  I mean you have a very curvaceous female that can have scorching hot covers while also being a highly intellectual adventurer.  It just makes for great marketing scheme.

Some writers just saw the sex appeal I am sure, but most realized that this was an over the top character that also could be a very intelligent and brave female character.  Lara Croft is tough as nails, but when it is needed the compassionate figure as well.  There are always explosions and guns.  The possibility for magic and wild stunts just make for a book that appeals to many different readers.

This one shot is filled with all the contradictions and the great action one would expect from a Tomb Raider comic.  Lara Croft is dressed to accentuate her female form and even mentions how she feels naked without her guns.  This is a story of mythology and magic as an old foe of Lara's rears his ugly head to steal the way to rob anywhere and escape without unlocking a single door.  There is a side discussion of fame and the way an unknown actress is paired with Lara is just a great addition of humor and the compassion of Ms. Croft.

There is also a great back story shown here of tragedy and loss.  Lara Croft has a habit of losing the few close friends she has in her adventures, but here there is a loss of a childhood friendship in a most extreme way.  It sets the stage for a long running vendetta between Lara and the bad guy of the story.  I always cringe a bit when I see the victim and realize that two lives are being written out.

I am surprised that Top Cow has not returned Lara Croft to its world since so many other great characters she has had connections to are being so well done.  I miss this book.  I have always liked the genre and really miss this type of comic.  These are great books if you find them in some back issue box.  There are great artist and the writers that began here have moved on to bigger companies.  So check 'em out.  You might just be surprised and love the character as much as I do.