Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Long Delayed Report on What Comics I Bought The Last Wednesday In February

            I am a week late in telling you about last week's trip to the comic shop.  I was able to get to Ssalefish Comics to empty some of my books out of the hold box.  It has been a rough time at the end of February financially.  I had the normal health insurance and medicine bills to deal with and a nice surprise.  It was time to renew the auto insurance.  I went shopping and changed the place I get my insurance from.  The main reason was the fact that the old company stopped allowing customers to stop by and pay the bill.  For me this is a problem.  I have to wait on checks and sometimes scrap the money together over a week or so.  I need the ability to drop by and pay.  So I ended up with a cheaper policy for the same coverage which is nice.  I also went to see the Sleep Apnea doctor, the reason I was in the same area as the comicbook shop.

            There is something I try not and let happen and that is letting my books pile up.  I like paying for and getting the books in a timely manner.  Rarely do I sort and buy only part of the books either.  This time I had too.  It means now there are two with a possible third on the way issues of ECHO in the box.  That is a $3.50 book so it adds up.  DC Comics helped greatly with the $2.99 across the board pricing.  What follows is what I picked up that last Wednesday in February.

            We begin with the newly added creative team on SUPERGIRL, which I added back to my pull list.  I need to state for the record that I love the new hairstyle on Supergirl.  Kara was always similar to Wonder Girl and Stephanie Brown in the long blonde hair look.  Add in Lady Blackhawk and any other fair haired gal and the DCU was looking like they had only one hairstylist for all the heroines.  Last issue saw a weird guy start a new app for smart phones.  “Flyover” is a social tracker of Supers and the idea was that everybody would take pics and upload locations.  Cool except for the fact that it is being used to send groups of villains to attack the younger heroes of the DCU.  What is awesome about SUPERGIRL #61 is that the brat Robin is in the issue.  He is on the phone in a pitch battle when Kara lends a hand.  What follows is what I have begun to enjoy, Damien and the cool older blonde heroine team up.  This book has been really good for two issues.  Let us hope for three and more.

            BATMAN BEYOND #2 finds Terry McGuiness facing down the future Justice League.  His mother and brother are part of a group of hostages being held by a new version of the Matter Master.  Terry really shines as he takes out the League one by one, except for as Bruce Wayne puts it, “the one he likes.”  Still, this is a book that is just well written and superbly drawn.  It is like having the animated series back.  Dana even gets a nice cameo.  This is just what comics should be in all forms.  It is a great read for the older fan and accessible to the younger reader.  This is a series I would give to my cousins as a gift.

            One of the books that I was reading that DC dropped the price down to $2.99 was GREEN LANTERN EMERALD WARRIORS #7.  I liked that as I was picking books to buy and ones to wait on buying that I could see how Guy Gardener was doing as he battled Krona's weird partner.  I was correct by the way, Krona was capturing the entities.  Speaking of Lanterns, GREEN LANTERN CORPS #57 had a guest appearance by Firestorm.  We get some resolution to the Weaponeer story.  Not satisfying, by well written.  I hate what happened to the guy at the end, but it will make the future interesting.  Sinestro is one messed up Dad.  He basically tells Sora that if she had been harmed he would have destroyed Qward.  The funny thing is I almost believe he wanted her harmed so he could do just that thing.  Sora Natu is fast becoming a strong Green lantern character.  I hope she and Kyle can go the distance in their relationship.  He needs a strong woman in his life and she is a great character to be outshining the big boys of the Corps.

            Catching up with WONDER WOMAN #607 makes me even more convinced that this should have been an Elseworlds story.  Diana is missing in the DCU right now and even though JMS is crafting a really cool story, I can't help put think about what this is doing top the character.  She is once again pushed aside after all this talk of her being part of this Trinity.  Batman is over-saturated and Superman is as observable as ever, yet Wonder Woman is almost invisible.  It should be her plane and not her that we cannot see well.  Again, cool read, but a bad decision to keep the character front and center.

            Judd Winnick has at long last kept me reading a series he is writing.  I have had bad experiences with his taking over a title I read.  POWER GIRL #21 has held this book in the pull list.  It is not the must read like it was when it first came out, but it doesn't suck either.  I am glad.  I have enjoyed reading about this character.  She has such a different group of heroes than I normal encounter in the DCU.  In this issue she has to make Batman remember Max Lord.  She gets some help from Batman???  If you have not been keeping up with batman then you will not get the attempt at humor there in that sentence.

            Because I am a puppeteer I was a bit upset with the prejudice of making them “creepy” here.  Everyone knows clowns are much creepier than puppets.  Still ZATANNA #9 is good.  We get a bit more of a look at the scary incident that made Zee be mind wiped by dear old dad.  What I really loved was the backup story of the child Zatanna dealing with getting braces.  It was just so cute and funny.  I love the way she handles things and the writing of her dialogue was priceless.

            I got the SECRET SIX #30 that was in the box, but skipped until next trip the picking up of the crossover issue of Doom Patrol that goes with it.  What did make the buy pile immediately was the awesome BIRDS OF PREY #9.  Gail Simone has returned to her excellence in writing as she returns the Birds back to the elite team of heroes we deserve.  Oracle is tying up loose ends with Calculator and the gals are in the middle.  Black Canary fights for her life inside her mind as that weird gal Mortis touched her last issue.  The others are captured and we are reminded why Lady Blackhawk is so cool.  She is handcuffed in a school bus and still puts a bully villain in his place and gives a great groin shot to a henchman.  Huntress shines even out of costume.  Helena is becoming who I think she was destined to be as a character under Simone's well crafted writing.

            A decision is made here.  I will begin talking about the TOP COW titles I read.  It was Top Cow that was used as a way to attack me where I last worked.  Part of me wants to play it safe and just leave this be, but another part feels like that is denying part of who I am.  So I will tell you that I bought WITCHBLADE #142.  It was a great solo Patrick Gleason story that will be continued.  Witchblade is a Mature Read.  I have always described it as like a Network Television 10 o'clock show.  It is not for the kiddies.  Under Ron Marz this title has become a wonderful story for older comic fans.  Gleason is the current partner and boyfriend of Sara, the wielder of the Witchblade.  Can he survive horrific forces without the mystical might of the Witchblade?  Guess we find out next issue.

            Rounding out the haul was BATGIRL# 18, BRIGHTEST DAY #19 & #20, and a free issue of JLA #53 because I spent more than ten bucks.  This ends my adventures in not being able to buy all my comics.