Monday, March 21, 2011

Mantra Mondays: Mantra #6

The dreaded Cross-Over Tie-In issue appears.  Apparently every Ultra had been in a battle and most everybody headed to the moon to take the fight to the main baddie.  All except our whiny warrior Mantra.  Yes, Lukasz is still bemoaning the fact that he is trapped in Eden Blake's body.  It is Christmas Eve and at least he is heading home to act the part of devoted mother.  Well, he was doing OK until he looked at the moon and saw his original face.  So off he runs and breaks little Evie's heart.  Eden and Evie always made cookies on Christmas Eve.  It also prompts Grandma to make a phone call that will cause trouble down the road.

It is pretty cool how She gets to the moon using magic.  Funnier still when Lukasz tries to use Eden's awesome bod to get her way with a guard.  Doesn't work since the guard is female.  So funny and points for the humor.  Still what happens on the moon does little to endear old Lukasz to us readers.  He has to face the souls of all the men he has displaced over 1500 years of Archimage's battle with Boneyard.  The way out is a nice bit of plot device and seasoned comics readers will intuitively know who the person is that saved this whiny warrior.  

We lead into another cross-over tie-in with the story, Break-Thru I believe it was called.  have no clue about this as I have not run across them or expanded to that Mantra appearance in the collecting.  I wonder if I will collect appearances after completing the run?  Still, Mantra Mondays rolls on and next time we have a guest Ultra to join Mantra, PRIME.