Monday, March 28, 2011

Sucker Punch

Instead of Mantra Mondays we have a Movie Monday.  I felt well enough to slip off to the matinee of Sucker Punch.  I will try my best to not give things away, but there are some cool things about this movie.  It is definitely not for everyone.  This is a fantasy that reveals some interesting truths about what it means to be there for others.  I will suggest that if you see this movie, pay close attention to the opening monologue.  The discussion about Guardian Angels is crucial to part of the ending scenes.

One thing that struck me was how tame the very overt sexual background of a brothel in the fantasy is not taken to extremes.  The "sexy" costumes are tame in comparison to many of today movies and even TV Shows. I mean we have these young women in a very suggestive setting, yet the costuming is a throwback to older days.  This mutes the sexuality that could have drowned the plot.  The casting was very good.  Each young woman displays a talent for making the fantasy world come alive within the personality of there character.  I liked that we were never bogged down in the Insane Asylum setting that all this takes place in.

The ending is very satisfying on a spiritual level.  The realization of the fifth thing needed to escape makes for a nice twist.  It is really a movie of hope.  It is also a reminder that for some, they will lose there life to ensure a better life for others.  I really was surprised.  I think many will not get the ending.  They are going into the movie thinking that they will be seeing young women scantily clad and be titillated.  Instead they will be subject to a subtle story of what happens when people decide to work together for common goal.  

I also think that many will not get that Baby Doll is set free.  She wins in the end and finds her own peace.  That was the most subtle of all the ending messages.

I liked it, some will not.